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Barrcode Software - BCX - has been in development for over thirty years, starting life controlling CD jukebox's in radio stations. It was then developed into a sophisticated hard disk media playout system used in many of the UK's leading broadcasting organisations including ITV in London.




The technology was so ground breaking at the time, that it appeared on the BBC's flagship programme

'Tomorrow's World' in 1992. The origin of this technology was conceived by Brian Barr, he was 'head hunted' to take responsibility for the 'build' as Chief Engineer of the new independent local radio station, Radio Broadland, Norwich in the UK.


Brian wanted to replace taped cartridges due to quality, breakage and mislaying problems all associated with the infernal little blue boxes! Computers were becoming a realistic proposition to repalce traditional magnetic tape; Brian had a keen interest in software writing and this was an ideal opportunity for him to develop a system.




What's in the pipeline at Barrcode?

Barrcode DMX2 We have a DMX lighting control system for small theatres coming along. The system has already been in use at hundreds of productions at theatres.


Barrcode BCX5 Our popular BCX playout system is being re-engineered for larger installations at radio & TV stations.



  • ITV are undertaking a BARRCODE system "hardware refresh" at Chiswick.


  • The BBC have equipped six voice booths with Barrcode BCXLink at White City, West London & Salford.


  • UKTV have taken delivery of a Barrcode system in use for all their Channels.


  • Channel 5 have installed Barrcode software at Broadcast Centre, White City, London.


  • BBC/S4C have installed Barrcode software at their new broadcast centre in Central Sq, Cardiff.



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